Pronunciation Guide

Note: As a default, you need to say every letter in the Japanese word. All vowel combinations are said separately.  

So “bait” is said “bah + eet”


  • a (as in father)

  • e (as in bet)

  • i (as in sing)

  • o (as in hope)

  • u (as in flute)


  • ch (as in chair)

  • f (put your lips together like you are blowing out candles and blow out the “f“)

  • r (put your tongue on the top ridge of your mouth like you’re starting an “l” and say “r“)

  • y ( as in yesterday)

  • n (as in never)

  • k (as in kangaroo)

  • s (as in soup)

  • t (as in tropic)

  • ts (as in tse tse fly–sounds kind of like and “x” except it starts with a “t” sound instead of an “k“)

  • h (as in happy)

  • m (as in minty)

  • w (as in water)

  • g (as in garbage)

  • z (as in zebra)

  • j (as in jowls or a soft Jesse)

  • d (as in dapper)

  • b (as in baby)

  • p (as in panda)

  • ky 

  • sh

  • ch

  • ny

  • hy

  • my

  • ry

  • gy

  • by

  • py


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